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Meet Diana

Hello, dear reader, I’m Diana – wife, mother, writer, imperfect woman, and daughter of the King. Yes, Jesus is my Lord, Savior, friend, and Father all rolled into one glorious God, and I’m so excited to share Him with you!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I married my husband (and the Army) 22 years ago. We’ve moved 10 times, lived in four states, and are raising two beautiful girls along the way. (Actually, we have three girls if you count the dog.) As you can imagine, life isn’t always easy, often it’s downright hard, as is everyone’s. We all face challenges and difficulties, but I’ve learned that the key to joyful living in the face of hardship is relying on Jesus. He is my peace and my strength, but although I heard about Him all my life, I didn’t always follow Him.

Some would say that I was saved at eight years old when I prayed the “salvation prayer.” I was at a vacation Bible school, and I prayed, asking Jesus into my heart. I've been told by a few believers that from that moment I was saved, and maybe I was, but the Bible says in James that our faith should be evident by how we act and the things we do. Although I said I believed in Jesus, I certainly didn’t act like a Christian through my young adult years. I started truly seeking God in my mid-twenties after the war started and so did my husband’s deployments. I was young, living far from my family, with my husband in combat on the other side of the world. I felt very alone, and life had become really scary.

I began praying and reading my Bible again. I also started visiting churches, until I found a faith community that taught true Bible study, not just reading, and taught Biblical truth and didn’t just pick out the feel-good passages. I became acutely aware of my sins and struggles and realized I desperately needed a savior. I committed my life to Jesus and got baptized. From that day on, I couldn’t learn enough about Him and the wonderful work He’d begun in me.

As we’ve moved with the Army, I’ve met some amazing Bible teachers who helped increase my knowledge and improved my ability to study and understand Scripture. I learned to study verses in context, which opens up a whole different level of understanding. Today, my Bible looks a little rough, and it’s filled with underlines, highlights and notes. I’ve discovered some incredible truths that have transformed my life, and there’s so much more to discover!

I want to share my experiences and lessons with you, and I hope you’ll join us on the journey to the greatest destination you could ever imagine – the Kingdom of God. May God bless you and help you find the joy in faithful living!

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