• Chrissie Angell

The Triumphal Entry

Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:1-11

· What did Jesus tell the disciples to do when they arrived in Bethpage?

· What did He tell them to say if someone questioned them?

· Were they questioned? What does that tell us about Jesus?

· Why was the donkey significant? (Hint: Look at vs. 4 & 5).

· What is the significance of the people laying down their clothes on the road and waving palm branches?

Palm Sunday marked the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It was a joyous day when prophecy was fulfilled, and the people acknowledged that Jesus was the Messiah as they gave him a royal welcome meant for a king.

I wonder if it also foreshadowed what would take place within the next few days.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people shouted, “Hosanna!” While this was an acknowledgment that they believed He was the Messiah, it may also indicate that they did not understand what He truly came to achieve. “Hosanna” translates to “save.” They believed He came to save them from oppression under Roman rule.

We have the luxury of knowing how the week would end and what Christ came to do. However, the Jews didn’t have that knowledge. How were they to know that although He did come to save them, it wasn’t in the time and manner they imagined? Christ Jesus did not come to earth to save them from Roman rule. Instead, He came to save them, to save us, from the eternal consequences of sin.

As I contemplate the perspective they must have had, it makes me thankful that we have the complete Word of God to study. We are at such an advantage in our time and culture because we are able to read, and the Word of God is readily available to us. We can even read it on an app for free!

This makes me wonder, do we spend time in the Word of God like we should? How can we ensure that we don’t take for granted the wisdom God has provided us?

Friends, Diana and I love to share what the Lord has, and is, teaching us through devotionals. But nothing, absolutely nothing, takes the place of being in the Word of God and allowing Him to lead you personally!

My prayer for us this week is that we will each be committed to spending time alone with the Lord as we study His word in this Holy Week series. If you have limited time, please prayerfully read the Scripture and answer the questions we provide. If you have more time, we would love for you to read what the Lord has put on our hearts, but don’t do that unless you have already spent time in His Word with Him! That is where the true wisdom and life change begin!

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